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Foxy Brown.mp3

Foxy Brown Feat Jay-Z

Foxy Brown Feat Jay-ZIll Be Good (1996 Brooklyn NY).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownHot Spot.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownGotta Get You Home (Feat Blackstreet).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownI Canand#39;t ft Total.mp3

Foxy Brown ft Blackstreet

Foxy Brown ft BlackstreetGotta get u home.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownSorry.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownBig Bad Mama (Edited) ft Dru Hill.mp3

Case ft Mary J Blige andamp; Foxy Brown- Touch Me Tease Me

Case ft Mary J Blige andamp; Foxy Brown- Touch Me Tease Me.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownBK Anthem {DVD RIP}.mp3

Foxy Brown Interview (1999).mp3

Foxy Brown Oh Yeah.mp3



Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownThe promise.mp3

Jay-Z FtFoxy Brown

Jay-Z FtFoxy BrownAinand#39;t No Nigga (Music Video) (1996).mp3

Foxy Brown- ill na na

Foxy Brown- ill na na.mp3

Sisqo featuring Foxy Brown

Sisqo featuring Foxy BrownThong Song (Remix) (Dirty.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownTables Will Turn ft Baby Cham.mp3

Foxy Brown and#39;and#39;Hot Spotand#39;and#39;.mp3

Foxy Brown Interview

Foxy Brown InterviewPart 1 (2001).mp3


capone-n-noreagaBang Bang (feat Foxy Brown).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownB K Anthem (Lyrics.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownHood Scriptures.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownDog andamp; A Fox (feat DMX) [Explicit Version].mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brownandquot;I Need A Manandquot;.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownI Canand#39;t (feat Total) [Explicit Version].mp3

Foxy Brown Joins Nicki Minaj (LIVE @ PEPSI Show) [2012].mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownBang Bang (Verse.mp3



Liland#39; Kim Foxy Brown

Liland#39; Kim Foxy BrownNo One Else (ft Total Da Brat andamp; The Notorious BIG).mp3

Foxy Brown Live

Foxy Brown LiveFade to Black.mp3

Mia X Ft Master P andamp; Foxy Brown

Mia X Ft Master P andamp; Foxy BrownThe Party Donand#39;t Stop.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownOh Yeah.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownIll Na Na (feat Method Man) [Lyrics.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown4 5 6 (feat Beanie Sigel andamp; Memphis Bleek).mp3


SHYNEThe Gang Ft Foxy Brown.mp3


TotalNo One Else (Ft Liland#39; Kim Foxy Brown andamp; Da Brat).mp3

Liland#39; Kim vs Foxy Brown (Rap City Freestyles).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownMy Life (1999).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownOh Yeah ft Spragga Benz.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownBonnie and Clyde Pt 2 (feat Jay-Z).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownSo Hot.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownSorry.mp3

Foxy Brown ft Sizzla

Foxy Brown ft SizzlaCome Fly With Me (Dirty).mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownIf I.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownMemory Lane.mp3

Foxy Brown

Foxy BrownAinand#39;t No Nigga (Verse.mp3

Nas AZ Cormega Foxy Brown

Nas AZ Cormega Foxy BrownAffirmative Action (Music Video).mp3

Foxy Brown andamp; Spragga Benz Baby! Spice andamp; Shenseea Link Up Marvin Di Beast In Car Accident.mp3

the truth behind the Kurupt and Foxy Brown drama part 1 Nas andamp; 2pac.mp3