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Tom Timko And The Horn Dogs.mp3

Tom Timko and the Horn Dogs

Tom Timko and the Horn DogsBreakfast at Nat's.mp3

Horn Section Steve Jankowski trumpet Tom Timko sax Jens Wendelboe trombone Latin song.mp3

The Horn Dogsm4v.mp3

the horn dogs- snowday follies

the horn dogs- snowday follies.mp3


Walks Right In Fabulous Horndogs.mp3

"Top Brassss" All-stars live in Las Vegas

"Top Brassss" All-stars live in Las Vegas.mp3

Horndogs Band.mp3

Neshoma Orchestra on the Chanukah Telethon.mp3

HORN DOGS LIVE ! Performing "Dirty Woman" at Mavericks.mp3

Forget You Mix by The Horn Dogs.mp3

Hold the Line.mp3

IFCO Horn Section

IFCO Horn SectionSneak peek.mp3

The Scarlet

The ScarletWebisode 4: "Meet the Horn-Dogs".mp3

Horn Dogs.mp3

"Fade" The Dalton Gang @ Trumpets 6/17/15.mp3

Sal Fest / Horn Dog and Billy freakn Idol.mp3

"Just For Tonight" 2_23_13.mp3

High Heel Horn Dogs 2

High Heel Horn Dogs 2Zwölfzehn.mp3

Horndog Brass Band

Horndog Brass BandWalk this way.mp3

Day Job.mp3

Timko Plays Hoyermpg.mp3

Timko's Polka.mp3

Joy Spring.mp3

Jungle Strut 11/21/12.mp3

THE HORNDOGS : featuring RUNK THE PUNK "Beef Bologna" (Summer Camp Nightmare).mp3

Get It While You Can

Get It While You CanThe Fabulous Horndogs.mp3

Horndogs @ The Rogue Tavern.mp3

The Dalton Gang Full Stop 6/17/15.mp3

My Funny Valentine.mp3

Andy Rothstein Group

Andy Rothstein GroupReturn to Reason.mp3

Jens Wendelboe : Kaufman Astoria Studios : Inspirations.mp3

Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and TearsSurreptitous.mp3

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce SpringsteenHigher and Higher w/Elvis Costello.mp3

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Kitty's Back 2009.mp3

Blood Sweat and Tears The Plunge.mp3

A little bit of the Horn Dawgs.mp3

Jens Wendelboe with Blood Sweat and Tears.mp3

High Heel Horn Dogs 1

High Heel Horn Dogs 1Zwölfzehn -Stuttgart.mp3

Tom Saviano

Tom SavianoMaking Up Lost Time.mp3

The Miles Reed Group-Behind the Emerald Doorflv

The Miles Reed Group-Behind the Emerald Doorflv.mp3

FullStop @ Trumpets 9:14.mp3

Greg Ruvolo Big Band Collective

Greg Ruvolo Big Band CollectiveLove You Madly.mp3

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce SpringsteenThe E Street Shuffle 11/07/09.mp3

You Can Leave Your Hat On.mp3


The Dalton Gang--"Full Stop"

The Dalton Gang--"Full Stop".mp3

Blood Sweat and Tears Dave Gellis going wild.mp3

Durham Brass Festival 2011

Durham Brass Festival 2011Horn Dogs performing at 'Heart of The City' opening in Durham City.mp3